Best selling author and journalist Ludwig Zündor,a Best selling author and journalist

The 54-year-old Ludwig Zündorf was born as the son of a Cologne merchant couple into a large family with four other siblings. His parents made it possible for him to get a higher education, which he completed with the Abitur in Cologne-Porz. Already at this time he was active in the field of culture and society. Zündorf was a guitarist in a local rock band, he wrote for various school newspapers and actively campaigned for student rights. He was spared military service. So he decided to start studying political science at the University of Bonn straight away.

He became interested in human rights activities and very quickly became president of a non-profit association with more than 5000 members that dealt with parliamentary and bureaucratic abuse.

During this time he was a sought-after interview partner for radio stations and relevant publications. He was involved in the press department of a large people's party. here
After achieving the preliminary diploma, Zündorf switched to the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and also the main subject.

He studied communication sciences/journalism under Professor Otto B. Roegele, who also became his sponsor and mentor. Ludwig Zündor was already working for several newspapers while he was still a student and learned the trade from scratch.

After his studies, he devoted himself more and more to human rights and social recognition as well as the promotion of human rights and education. At the same time, he acted as an author and activist against the inhuman practices of German psychiatry.

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